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Excel Vin Decoder

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The XML VIN Decoder is software that decodes car and truck information from the VIN number. Such things as comprehensive features, options, colors, warranty, etc are decoded for each vehicle from 1981 to present.
January 7th 2012 Free     
Vin Script
Vin is a free, web based, wine cellar management application written in PHP. It uses the MySQL database for data storage.Vin supports the following features: - Simple to use! Utilizes web based menus with drop down lists and pick boxes. ...
March 23rd 2012 Free  2.5 stars  
VIN Field for CCK
Since a VIN is 17 digits long, has certain characters and numbers excluded from its valid set, and requires a check-digit calculation, this field takes the guesswork out of validating a user-entered VIN for typos or invalid information short of ...
May 7th 2013 Free  2.5 stars 10k
VIN decoders
VIN decoders is a simple and useful program that offers customizable solutions for the users in extracting vehicle details from VIN numbers. This program employs the advanced SOAP technology for decoding the numbers and all extracted details are provided either ...
November 29th 2005 Free     
G.723.1 Speech Coder and Decoder
The decoder can decode all modes of the code from the coding module.

The interface between the coder and decoder is a standard bit file, compatible with other bit files generated by the ITU-T reference code.

A second option passes information between ...
May 13th 2012 Free  2.5 stars  
FAAD2 is an open source MPEG-4 and MPEG-2 AAC decoder, it is licensed under the GPLv2 license.Features: - Portable - Reasonably fast - LC, Main, LTP, SBR, PS support - DRM support through DreaM
April 14th 2012 Free  2.5 stars  
Windows Encoder/Decoder
Windows Encoder/Decoder is a basic encoder that uses a key string to transform a given message. Plus, demonstrates some cool Windows tricks, like control coloring and accelerators.
February 15th 2012 Free  3 stars  
crf decoder
CRF decoder is the simplified version of CRF++, only for decoding the sequential data. It removes the training component and its correspondent codes from CRF++, which makes CRF decoder more reabable and understandable for freshman.
July 27th 2013 Free    13,030k
Vechicle VIN number check digit calculat
Vechicle VIN number check digit calculator - Put in a 17 digit VIN number and it tells you if the check digit computes or not.
January 25th 2012 Free     
Although the excel is powerful,but when some one didn't know vba etc,he will be crazy of manipulate the excel.Lots of use tool to complete the following jobs here:excel cell concat,excel2txt,excel cells compare,excel to database,add you idea here,please
July 1st 2013 Free  2.5 stars  
Vechicle VIN number check digit calculator
Vechicle VIN number check digit calculator - Put in a 17 digit VIN number and it tells you if the check digit computes or not.
March 26th 2012 Free     
G.723.1 Speech Coder and Decoder for Signal Processing
The decoder can decode all modes of the code from the coding module.The interface between the coder and decoder is a standard bit file, compatible with other bit files generated by the ITU-T reference code.A second option passes information between ...
April 8th 2013 Free  2.5 stars 829k
CGI query string decoder
CGI query string decoder decodes a CGI query string. The code uses the new C Standard Template Library (STL), and the decoded query is stored in an STL map. static void get_query(std::map
March 5th 2012 Free  2.5 stars  
LDPC codes BER simulation
LDPC codes BER simulation under AWGN channel. MacKay-Neal based LDPC matrix. Message encoding uses sparse LU decomposition. There are 4 choices of decoder: hard-decision/bit-flip decoder, probability-domain SPA decoder, log-domain SPA decoder, and simplified log-domain SPA decoder.
March 16th 2013 Free    10k
1R-Excel Recovery
R-Excel is a tool designed to recover corrupted Microsoft Excel Sheets. New improvements of file reconstruction technology IntelligentRebuild allow the users to reconstruct damaged *.xls files and to restore lost Excel sheets quickly and easily. R-Excel safely performs any operation, ...
December 6th 2005 Commercial  2.5 stars  
Javascript Decoder
Javascript Decoder is a powerful source code decorder written in javascript. You can use this script to decode and retain back your fundamental codes from the vague and complicated form. Apart from being serving as a perfect source code decoder ...
December 2nd 2005 Free  2.5 stars  
Kernel Excel - Repair Corrupted Excel Documents
Kernel Excel is a Microsoft Excel SpreadSheet Recovery software designed to recover corrupted Microsoft Excel files. Kernel Excel extracts text even from heavily damaged *.xls files and never deletes from disk.
December 11th 2005 Commercial  2.5 stars  
Excel Password Recovery Key
Excel Password Recovery Key works with all kinds of Excel spreadsheet and it retrieves all included passwords which can be saved in a file. Supports resume and suspend functions with password searching. All type of passwords for Excel including Excel ...
November 30th 2005 Commercial  2.5 stars  
Smart Protocol Decoder
ProtocolAnalyser provides an integrated develop environment for generating a protocol-decoder. With a programable kernel, it can support variety of protocols. Here is a framework of such a software, hoping it will help you a lot.
June 19th 2013 Free    138k
Excel for Inputfiles
E4I (Excel for Inputfiles) is an Excel macro that allows you to write Mx* inputfiles using linked values (chainages, offsets etc.) within Excel, but also predefined blocks and automated input. Advanced Mx users only!
March 5th 2013 Free  2.5 stars  
OneStopSoft's MP3 TO WAV Decoder
OneStopSoft's MP3 TO WAV Converter or Decoder as the name implies is an online MP3 to WAV decoder with several advanced features. Using this script you can convert any audio MP3 files so easily by just clicking at the files ...
December 9th 2005 Commercial  2.5 stars  
Docs to Excel
Addon for oscommerce to create excel files to printout invoices, package slips and delivery document.I have zipped the stuff together. sorry less or no documentation, so you have to know what you are doing. Anyway the setup could save you ...
March 17th 2012 Free  5 stars  
SQL to Excel
SQL to Excel is a multi-platform compatible php script that will write data from php using text from an SQL table (MySQL, supply your own SQL query) to a microsoft excel (.xls) file. The Excel file is specified as such ...
December 13th 2005 Free     
Excel Templates and Add-ins
Excel Templates and Add-ins is Windows compatible. The following is a list of recommended third party Excel add-ins for financial analysis, business operations, and Excel productivity selected from a range of high quality vendors. All Excel add-ins can be purchased ...
November 27th 2005 Commercial     
Import in MS Excel
Description to make an ODBC coupling to MySql server for easy data import in Excel.
March 16th 2012 Free  2.5 stars  
MPEG-4 AAC LC decoder
AAC decoder written in Matlab
April 9th 2013 Shareware    51k
Generate Excel file with stand-alone script
I needed to grab a days records from MySQL, generate an Excel spreadsheet and then email it as an attachment.The sales_lead script is to be run by a cron. This requires the 'spreadsheet-excel' gem. (gem install spreadsheet-excel)
January 24th 2012 Free  2.5 stars  
pymad is a Python module that allows Python programs to use the MPEG Audio Decoder library. pymad provides a high-level API, similar to the pyogg module, which makes reading PCM data from MPEG audio streams a piece of cake.
March 18th 2012 Free     
Generic Image Decoder
The Generic Image Decoder is a package for decoding a broad variety of image formats, from any data stream, to any kind of medium. Unconditionally portable code: OS-, CPU-, compiler- independent code.
July 16th 2013 Free    93k
ASP Punycode IDN decoder and encoder
Decoding and encoding between punycode, unicode string (BSTR), binary, utf-8 and conversion to/from other code pages. On-line sample decoder and encoder of punycode data and IDN names.
December 14th 2005 Commercial  2.5 stars  
Related Code
Small JPEG decoder library
Free JPEG decoder library (LGPL license), written in C++ and assembler. Includes extensive MMX instruction set specific optimizations.
April 3rd 2007     323k
Open MS-Excel Files in Delphi
With this code you can open a MS-Excel file (*.xls) in Delphi and access its fields and sheets without using any DBMS like BDE. you must install ms-excel to use this code.
February 22nd 2009     8k
Microsoft Excel Scientific Calculator
This is the Excel Version of the AutoCAD Scientific Calculator that I wrote and posted on this Website. I am posting the program in its original source code format. You may attach/assign a toolbar to this program and compile in ...
November 6th 2007     428k
Simple Print & Export to Excel via CFMX +
Simpler way of exporting data to Excel without having to resend the data or create another page for exporting. Very efficient ... very easy.
June 2nd 2010     1k
A DOS MPEG player
Based on the Berkeley decoder. Includes full sources, compilable by GCC. C source.
May 24th 2006     64k
Related Software
XML VIN Decoder
VIN decoder for all vehicles including trucks, cars, motorcycles, powersports. Data includes features, options, warranty information, spec data, available colors, optional equipment, dimensions, weights, measurements. Data is updated weekly. Easily incorporated into any existing application whether it be dos based, ...
August 25th 2011     210k
Appnimi Excel Password Recovery
Appnimi Excel Password Recovery is designed to let you search for passwords of protected Excel documents. This program guarantees the most complicated Excel passwords recovery. Appnimi Excel Password Recovery allows to search for the password of the protected Excel using ...
May 3rd 2013     9,779k
DateDecode (For PalmOS)
Do you like going like car auctions, garage sales or antique auctions? Are you a car enthusiast that would like to know more about a car from the VIN Number? If so, this powerful program helps you to determine the ...
August 10th 2004     380k
Handicap Manager for Excel
Handicap Manager for Excel is a custom application written for Microsoft Excel. It meets all the requirements of the USGA Handicap System for the computation of USGA Handicap Indexes. It can also be used to compute scoring averages, leagues handicaps ...
December 27th 2003   5 stars 1,072k
Checkbook for Excel
Checkbook for Excel is a custom personal finance application written for Microsoft Excel. It provides all the necessary features for managing your financial accounts without all the excess baggage and overhead associated with the popular personal finance packages. It includes ...
December 27th 2003   5 stars 904k
MPAction MP3 Tools
Rip'n'Coder encodes CD or Wav to all rates up to 320K MP3 with ACM, BladeEnc or LAME encoders, it renames MP3 files, and auto creates playlists. WaveFix edits, normalises, tips tails, fades and more for Wave, and it decodes MP3 ...
December 2nd 2001   5 stars 3k
JukeBox Decoder
With this program, you can drag and drop files to desktop icon, or move files or whole folders to the Playlist window. Right-click files for Play, Open, Tag, and Decode (MP3-to-Wave) in Windows. Open more than one player and decode ...
December 2nd 2001   5 stars 2k
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